Connect Between the Red
and Yellow Flags

Connect to
Free Wi-Fi 'Life-Fi'
Receive beach updates
in your language
Enjoy the the water
and sun safely
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What is Life-Fi?

Surf Life Saving Queensland’s free Wi-Fi that lets you connect to your lifeguard and lifesavers on duty and receive important beach safety updates in your own language.

Connect To
Life-Fi between the red and yellow flags

Set yourself up between the red and yellow flags on a Life-Fi participating beach and you will be within range to connect to the free Life-Fi Wi-Fi in your phone's settings.

Available in 6 languages, keeping everyone safe

Life-Fi automatically detects your phone's language setting, suggesting 1 of 6 languages to connect in. Continue with the suggested or you can select another.

Simplified or Traditional Chinese

See Updates From Your Lifeguard and Lifesavers
On Duty

The Life-Fi portal automatically feeds live beach safety messages from your lifeguard and lifesavers on duty, so you can see any relevant caution messages about strong currents, marine creatures and more.

Click on each beach status below to see how the mobile experience changes.

Beach open
Beach closed

Stay comfy with weather
and UV rating updates

Even if you’re just enjoying the sand and the sun, Life-Fi will keep you safe with updates on UV ratings and oncoming weather, so you know whether you need to reapply sunscreen or seek shelter.

See live UV ratings
Stay updated on the weather

Learn Lifeguard and Lifesaver Tips to Stay Safe in the Surf

Do you know what a RIP current looks like? Your lifeguard's top tips give you a rundown on beach safety, such as how to detect a RIP and what to do if you get caught in one.

Participating Life-Fi Beaches

Life-Fi units are currently being built to be rolled out across several Queensland beaches for the summer. Further information with regards to participating beaches will be available in the coming weeks. Be among the first to know by following Surf Life Saving Queensland on social media.